Our Story



Even as a little girl, I always knew that I wanted to be a mom of a big family. We are truly filled with joy to have been graced with our sons, Gaston & Oliver, and are ecstatic to continue to grow our family. We have always talked about how delighted we would be to have a baby girl, and now our dreams are coming true.

After trying to get pregnant for some time with no success, we decided to take a break and treat ourselves to a little vacation. After a long weekend in Mexico City of eating well (Pambazos!), walking El Bosque de Chapultepec,  & climbing ancient pyramids, we were ready to come home and start trying again.

However, we were never given the opportunity. Just a short while after our return home, we found out I was pregnant. We crossed our fingers and tried analyzing my symptoms to predict whether we would add a third boy to our family or if we would break the pattern with a girl. If you ask me, I would credit coincidence and science; if you ask Gaston, he would credit the spirits of the Aztecs – fate gave us a girl.

We decided to name her Lola, after Gaston’s mother – a woman so full of elegance and grace (even after putting up with only boys for so many years!).

We are all so excited to welcome Lola into the world, and to our family, and to guide her through all the beautiful wonders of life.